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APN Services

FirstNet takes this much further by providing a management data platform made easy, with converged network access to all major Mobile Operators.


An APN or Access Point Name is a point of connectivity between the mobile network and an external IP network. A basic entry point to a network from a SIM–based devices such as mobile phones, tablets, SIM equipped routers and IoT devices.
FirstNet’s mobile APN services offer both post-paid and prepaid aggregated data across three of the major network operators. MTN, Telkom and Vodacom.

Customers can choose from our public and private APN services.

Public APN’s are shared APN’s providing open internet access with the option to enforce basic content and IP restrictions through FirstNet’s security services such as policy controllers, firewalls and UTM (Universal Threat Management) systems.

Private APN’s are a secured connection to specific services, which may also include selective secured internet access or direct connection into the corporate network via a dedicated last mile fibre or microwave service.


  • Online admin management system to manage all users’ usage and limits

  • User-friendly interface with Corporate Cost Center management

  • Reporting functions with notification management

  • SIM Suspension and activation function

  • Shared data bundle across network providers

Benefits to your business

  • Hard provisioned security

  • Management and control

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Location Based Services for SIM location

  • Alerts when SIM is moved to new device

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