Broadband Services

FirstNet Broadband Fibre

Firstnet’s Broadband Services encompasses solutions across multiple carrier networks and mediums.

As a carrier agnostic provider we are truly agile and able to offer solutions to suit all business requirements and locations

Our Broadband services are unshaped, uncontended, and secure on both local and international traffic with carrier-grade

uptime. All clients have access to our online portal to view performance across all their links.


How does this help my business?


  • Broadband Fibre

  • Broadband Wireless

  • ADSL accounts

  • Broadband Satelite services

  • Fibre to the Home (FTTH)


  • National coverage through terrestrial and non terrestrial services

  • We will find the best service for your business

  • Central point of contact – no need to deal with multiple providers

  • Huge product set to suit all businesses

  • Connected to major Tier 1 Internet service providers