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Cloud OS (WAP)

Cloud OS (WAP)

The benefits of the cloud are clear. You get added flexibility and easy access to additional resources. The converging trends of big data, modern apps, private & public cloud, and bring-your-own-device represent real opportunities for IT to deliver more efficiencies and new value back to their businesses. To help you do that, the Microsoft Cloud Platform brings together on-premises solutions with a cloud platform to create a hybrid, highly-responsive, and accessible solution. The Microsoft Cloud OS spans your data centre environments, service provider data centres, and Windows public Azure, enabling you to easily and cost-effectively cloud optimize your business.


  • Self-service cloud services
  • Agile Usage based pricing
  • Cloud Elasticity & Scalability
  • Workload Mobility
  • Application focused
  • Built on Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Consumption based pay-as-you-so model
  • Data is kept in South Africa


Benefits to your business

  • Reducing the cost of running data centres
  • Workload Mobility
  • Quick upgrade
  • Unlocking insights from your data – big and small
  • Empowering employees to work across any device
  • Flexibility and scalability through IaaS & SaaS


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