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DDoS as a Service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a top threat to IT security and can be very damaging to businesses. These attacks shut down your vital online services and can take you offline for extended periods of time. These types of attacks dynamic are broad-based and are not tied to one particular technology.

DDoS Mitigation

The unlimited resources and tools available to Hacktivists and Cyberterrorists make DDoS attacks very common and easy to execute. These sophisticated attacks create not only Layer 4 volumetric assaults but can also target Layer 7 and DNS services where smaller attack sizes can be harder to see.

FirstNet’s DDoS Mitigation as a Service is dynamic and broad-based while being able to fit our different clients’ profiles and needs. The state-of-the-art hardware technology behind the solution allows us to deliver the most advanced and fastest DDoS attack mitigation to our clients.


  • FirstNet’s DDoS Mitigation as a Service protects customers from known attacks and from zero-day attacks. Using source tracking the system detects offending source IP’s and blocks them thus having little to no effect on legitimate traffic.

  • FirstNet’s DDoS Mitigation as a Service protects against every DDoS attack including volumetric, Layer 7, DNS and SSL or HTTPS attacks

Benefits to your business

  • Behavioral-based Detection

  • Hardware-based DDoS Protection

  • Continuous Attack Evaluation (Minimizes false positive detection by reevaluating the attack to ensure legitimate traffic is not disrupted)

  • Fully Managed and Monitored

  • FirstNet’s security team monitor the system and evaluate traffic trends on a regular basis to ensure the best level of protection

  • Weekly or monthly reports can be sent to the customer indicating total number of attacks detected and mitigated

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