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Microsoft Expressroute


Through our Virtual Cross Connect Service, FirstNet offers direct private connections to the Microsoft South African Azure Datacentres.

Microsoft ExpressRoute enables organisations consuming services from   Microsoft Azure with a private connection between the Azure Datacentres and their own infrastructure. In addition customers utilizing hosted services such as FirstNet’s private cloud or co-location can now extend their network using ExpressRoute to securely connect to Microsoft Azure. The ExpressRoute connection assures organisations of greater reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security than standard connections through the public internet.

ExpressRoute utilizes dedicated infrastructure to connect an organisation to Microsoft Azure without the need for internet bandwidth and IPSEC VPN tunnels.

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How does this help my business?


  • Sub 20ms latency nationally

  • Meshed network with core resilience

  • Secure, resilient managed network 

  • Guaranteed performance and availability

  • Class of service can be applied for priority network services

  • Large selection of access mediums and providers


  • Network is easily scalable

  • Meshed network with core resilience

  • End to End management provided by FirstNet

  • Improved delivery of your Azure services

  • Offers better security than internet based VPN’s