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Hosted Exchange Services

FirstNet’s Hosted Exchange offers a robust, hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Located within our Data Centres, the service incorporates a range of security, content and management features in addition to a redundant network infrastructure system and the best engineering staff in the country.

Information stored in the Exchange is available through the popular Outlook client included in the Microsoft Office suite, a web browser with Outlook Anywhere and BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian and Android cell phones, from anywhere in the world.

Solution Benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange

We keep it up to date, so you get full functionality out of Microsoft Exchange technology, no more updating your Exchange, no more patching, no more updates, no more backing up, and no more Exchange concerns.

Lower your operating costs and IT capital expenditure with Hosted Exchange. Deploying a fully fledged Exchange system in house is capital and labour in-tensive. Hosted Exchange is an outsourced system that mitigates the need for all Capex. It also eliminates administrative and technical burdens on IT staff, allowing them to focus on core technology issues.

Email Anywhere: Increasingly, Information workers are away from the confines of their desktop. Sales and service staff are great examples of the mobile in- formation worker. Workers are free to roam within the coverage of their wireless connectivity (3G, Edge GPRS, GPRS, WiFi and soon, WiMax). Users can therefore work from home, abroad, on the road, at customer sites, air-ports, and so on. FirstNet Technology Service’s Hosted Exchange offers this not only at the lowest TCO but also provides the highest ROI through in-creased productivity.

Security & Stability: The Hosted Exchange environment was built on a foundation of secure and redundant systems, all of which are managed by the best engineers in the country. Firewalls, back-up devices, content inspection systems and fail over hardware are some of the features that enable Application Solutions to provide a faulttolerant and secure service. For storage, there is a world class fibre optic Storage Area Network (SAN).


  • Fully Outsourced Email Anywhere
  • Email Anywhere via Outlook Web Access
  • 99% Uptime
  • Always up to date
  • Secure and stable platform

Available Add On options

  • Mimecast Email Archive Services
  • Mimecast Email Continuity
  • Mimecast Email Security
  • Mimecast File Archive

Benefits to your business

  • Save on infrastructure costs
  • No more updates and patching to be done on servers
  • Mimecast service add-ons available
  • Hosted BES available
  • Integrates seamlessly with Hosted Lync
  • Mimecast Legacy Data Management
  • Mimecast UEM Express & Enterprise
  • Mimecast Archive Power Tools
  • Hosted Enterprise Blackberry Service

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