Hosted Reporting Service

Firewall Reporting & Analysis provides cloud-based visibility for your on-premise or cloud based FortiGates.


Firewall Reporting & Analysis Services allows you to view real-time and historical data from your firewall, create scheduled reports from multiple different templates and generate alerts for events. Ensure company fair usage policies are enforced and that no abuse is taking place on your network.


Cyber Security insurance policies require a minimum of 60 days log storage from firewalls to ensure compliance making firewall log storage a must in today’s world of hi-tech security.


How does this help my business?


  • Drill Down reporting right down to connection session level

  • Scheduled reporting to your inbox in PDF format

  • Executive reports for summarized info across all security aspects of your firewall

  • Pre-configured alert templates

  • Tracking of configuration changes made to firewalls


  • Regulatory compliance

  • In depth visibility providing insight to all traffic entering and leaving a network