Whether you are a local or international business, our global reach allows for incredible flexibility as new office sites/locations can be added to you network quickly and easily.

FirstNet’s agile software defined capable network underpinned by core MPLS technology delivers twenty-four by seven by three sixty-five performance

and availability with scale up and down capability. Our network is built upon diverse, redundant fibre paths between all our PoP locations.

MPLS Traffic Engineering provides the most direct, lowest latency path possible for an optimal end-user experience, automatically rerouting traffic as required.

Diverse bandwidth options available, including flat-rate billing as well as burstable ports to meet data spikes.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

How does this help my business?


  • Telco and medium agnostic

  • Prioritise your business critical traffic

  • Supports voice, video and integrated data applications


  • Network is easily scalable

  • Incorporate legacy and next generation applications into the network

  • Enable your business room to develop and demand more from your IT services