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FirstNet Technology enters into a landmark partnership with Truecaller.

Updated: Aug 5

FirstNet is an affordable, experienced, and innovative technology services provider that delivers the expertise you need to complete projects efficiently and effectively. We are a fully B-BBEE accredited provider that cater for entities across all sectors seeking reliable cloud, connectivity, security and voice solutions. Truecaller is well known in South Africa for identifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication.

Businesses, particularly the services sectors, reach out to potential customers for customer service and engagement needs via phone. Many of these calls go unanswered, which results in wasted resources and overall inefficiency. Market research indicates that the main reason for calls going unanswered or being declined by recipients is simply because they do not know who is calling and the reason behind the call received.

To address this, Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, leverages the reach and penetration of the Truecaller app, to provide verified caller ID services to businesses. This solution provides businesses the ability to customize their caller’s name and even display the purpose for the call to the recipient, so they know who is calling and why before they pick up. This creates a trusted mechanism where call recipients can know for sure exactly who is calling and whether it is genuine.

Announcing the partnership, Neville Benatar –Voice and Telco product manager at FirstNet, said, “Truecaller is very popular with over 320 million active users globally. By providing Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, we can help companies in South Africa improve their calling efficiency and establish more credibility for the respective associated brands. The addition of the Truecaller partnership will be very positive for our telco business and a great value-added service for our clients.

For consumers, it will help to reduce their risk of exposure to fraud and scams, which are becoming rampant in South Africa. We look forward to working with Truecaller, to deliver this new suite of solutions to business and enterprise customers in South Africa.”

Neville Benatar further said that customers with a verified business profile restrict their name, logo & tag edits by the user community, ensuring their business is represented accurately. Businesses also enjoy the benefits of a detailed analytics dashboard to easily manage business’ numbers and view unique insights into calling patterns to discover the health of your brand’s call campaigns.

Truecaller recently launched a call reason feature which gives context to a business call and improve customer confidence by communicating this even before the call is answered. FirstNet’s strong market presence and experience in South Africa will play a key role in growing our business together and drive significant value for the enterprise ecosystem,” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller Enterprise

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