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Cloud based content control and malware protection for business.

Content Control and Malware Protection

SecureWeb Cloud is a cloud-based web filtering service which allows you to monitor, control and protect your business and users from online threats.

SecureWeb Cloud allows you create a granular policy for your users to control internet access and block malware in your organisation. Comprehensive reporting allows you see internet activity in real time and also choose from a large number of predefined reports on usage.


How does this help my business?


  • Deployed as a cloud based service, it is a DNS based solution requiring simple DNS redirect to the SecureWeb servers. This makes it simple to set up and manage

  • Protect your network from malware and phishing attacks with SecureWeb’s categories of malware protection. SecureWeb will block access to compromised websites, malicious websites, spam-based websites and spyware

  • SecureWeb allows safe search to be enforced with a single click. This means that safe search is then enabled for google, yahoo and Bing. Google SafeSearch is a powerful setting focused on reducing the inappropriate content from both search and image search results

  • Family Friendly offering for home users wanting to control what content is accessed by children


  • Easy and quick to deploy

  • Simply dashboard to manage and report

  • Local DNS servers provide low-latency DNS resolution