FirstNet Billing and SIP Provisioning Engine



FirstNet's VoiceNow Billing is a complete Switch and Billing Solution is currently being used in production and powering many VoIP business such as Wholesale Termination, Wholesale DID / Business SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX and Residential VoIP around the world! FirstNet's VoiceNow was developed to fill a much-needed gap in the marketplace for an easy to use yet reliable, scalable Carrier Grade Real Time Billing Platform.

How does this help my business?


•    IP Authentication
•    SIP Digest Authentication (username and password)
•    Authentication by CID
•    Unlimited SIP Accounts for Customers
•    Multiple registrations
• User-Friendly Web Management
•    View Registrations
•    View Active Calls
•    Access Control Lists
•    Multi-Tenant (Reseller Model or Hosted Partitioned Switch Model)
•    White Labelled Customer Portal


•    Carrier Grade Realtime Switching and Billing
•    Highly Scalable
•    Built-in Anti-Fraud Tools
•    Multi-Tenant out-of-the-box
•    Sophisticated Accounting