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Established in 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the First Technology Group (FTG), FirstNet has grown into one of the largest Cloud, Connectivity, Voice and Security solutions provider in South Africa. We are an affordable, experienced, and innovative technology services provider that delivers the expertise you need to complete projects efficiently and effectively.


Our business model is to focus on 4 core solutions where we strive to be experts in these areas. We are a fully B-BBEE accredited provider that caters for entities across all sectors. We offer our customers and partners cloud solutions for round-the-clock access to important data and information, premier connectivity capabilities for uninterrupted online operations, modern voice solutions for improved business communication, and high-end business security services for holistic data and information protection.

We have established data centres throughout South Africa, allowing our core network to operate from Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. This national footprint ensures that our clients receive secure hosted enterprise services, efficient connectivity solutions, reliable voice communication systems and networks, as well as our excellent level of client service regardless of the location of your business.

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Cost savings via our dynamic budgeting options in the short-term and easily scalable implementation and affordable expansion when your business is ready to grow in the long-term. These cost-effective solutions are how we can deliver you and your business a great return on investment.

Efficiency via cloud services allows your company’s data to be easily accessed from any location and at any time. This eiciency ensures your business and employees can operate with agility, adaptability and freedom.

Connection speed via our fast carrier agnostic internet and data access in South Africa and into Africa, with low latency and uninterrupted connection. In a time where you have 8 seconds or less to grab and maintain your customer’s attention, a reliable and fast connection could be the dierence between landing a new customer or losing one.

Reliable security and disaster recovery via our iron-clad security measures. In the digital age where every business, regardless of its size, is at risk of external threats like hackers seeking out your company’s private information, having this peace of mind is invaluable

Increased productivity, employee performance and customer satisfaction via our fast, efficient and unified communication solutions. Efficient communication is the cornerstone of business success, and through our selection of internal and external communication services - your business will be well on its way to operational progress.

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