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Broadband & Direct Internet Access

FirstNet’s Business Broadband and Direct Internet Access is business grade internet access uncontended on local traffic with free Microsoft peering enhancing your O365 user experience. 

FirstNet’s Direct Internet Access includes 1:1 throughput on international traffic over protected redundant routes with capacity on all major undersea cables and peering agreements with major international carriers. 


Some of the key features of our service include:

  • FREE Microsoft peering enhancing your O365 user experience.

  • Carrier agnostic platform allows us to deliver reliable internet access over multiple mediums and carrier networks to deliver true redundancy to our customers.

  • Various service level options available to meet most budgetary requirements. 

  • International and local access can be tailored to your business needs.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Single Service provider for your all internet needs.

  • Redundant reliable international and local internet connectivity.

  • Centralised control of your internet traffic.

  • Online customer portal to view all links utilization in real time.

  • Access from a FirstNet Datacentre or customer site

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