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Moyobi Cloud Suite

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The Cloud Suite solution to analyse, monitor and manage your UC platform

​MoYoBi offers a range of features that help businesses analyze, monitor and manage their UC usage. This includes Cloud based call analytics, real-time insights, and customizable reports.

By using MoYoBi, businesses can better understand how their voice flows are being used and identify areas for improvement. MoYoBi can easily be connected to leading calling Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Avaya, Zoomphone and Audiocodes.

Key Features

Dashboard Widgets

With dashboard widgets, users can access statistics on the performance of auto attendants, queues, and agents, including metrics on answered and missed calls, caller experience, and resolution times. Additionally, the dashboard slideshow feature allows users to create a custom slideshow using multiple dashboard views.

Call Queue Flowcharts

MoYoBi provides supervisors with the ability to easily view a flowchart showing the complete flow of calls through a selected call queue or auto attendant. In addition, complete key performance indicators are available at each step of the flowchart.

SLA Reports

MoYoBi’s call monitoring capabilities, including features like call queues and auto attendant kpi’s, allow you to monitor and measure the performance of your communication channels as if you were running a call center. The first step in effectively managing and optimizing these channels is to establish SLA objectives.

Export to Sharepoint

MoYoBi allows you to automatically save reports in SharePoint, streamlining the processing of data generated by MoYoBi and improving the overall efficiency of your business.

Real-Time Monitoring

MoYoBi’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable organizations to accurately identify and track UC resources, allowing them to proactively address recurring issues and improve response times. With MoYoBi, you can view the number of calls waiting in a queue in real-time using a “calls in queue” KPI or a widget displaying the top 10 call queues with the most calls waiting.

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