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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

FirstNet's IaaS solution revolutionizes the way organizations access and manage their computing resources. With virtualized computing power, networking capabilities, and essential infrastructure components, customers can leverage our cloud-based platform to meet their needs on a flexible, pay-per-use basis. We handle the underlying hardware, software, servers, storage, and networking, empowering businesses to scale their usage effortlessly. From startups and small businesses seeking cost-effective solutions to large enterprises with complex infrastructure requirements, our IaaS caters to a diverse range of organizations.


It allows startups to avoid upfront investments, growing businesses to scale seamlessly, e-commerce companies to handle traffic surges, software development firms to streamline their operations, and large enterprises to adapt swiftly to market shifts.

Key features of our IaaS solution include scalability for managing workload fluctuations, flexibility to customize infrastructure components and software, self-service management through a user-friendly portal, robust security measures, and cost savings by eliminating capital expenditures. Enjoy the benefits of reduced IT overhead, improved agility, enhanced efficiency, access to cutting-edge technology, and reliable disaster recovery capabilities. With FirstNet's IaaS, organizations can focus on their core functions while harnessing the power of advanced infrastructure to drive their success.

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Craig Meekers (Projects and Technology Executive)


"FirstNet is a key business partner of ours and play a very strategic role in our IT decision making”
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