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CONNECT is an award-winning gateway enabling any SIP video device to connect directly into web meetings.

It works regardless of the type and model of SIP device, making it a sustainable solution. CONNECT is an easy way to optimize existing setups.

CONNECT and collaborate with everyone.


Connect to any meeting regardless of who sends the invite

Unified Meeting Experience

Consistent, easy user experience for all meeting types

Versatile Content Sharing

Share 2-way content by all possible methods


Not limited to a specific meeting platform

Compatibility Across Generations

Works with legacy and current video devices, multi-brand

Pricing Simplicity

Flat, simple pricing model

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How it works.

CONNECT includes two key components: SIP to Web interop and Management Suite.

The SIP to Web video call interoperability is done by the CONNECT service in the cloud which handles the real-time media.

The Management Suite is easily implemented on your own network with a VM image that can be hosted within most virtualized environments. This way, all CDR and booking data remain safe within your premises.

This “dual implementation” ensures data privacy while providing the scale and flexibility of a cloud service.

Please note that the Government solution has a different setup.

Synergy SKY CONNECT includes all the following features:

Video Conferencing

Administrate and manage video conferences efficiently

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Self Served POC

This free video interoperability test tool is providing you with a URI address you can use to test Synergy CONNECT. Just copy the URL from any video meeting into the form below.

How to:

  1. Select meeting platform

  2. Paste the meeting url into the form field and click "Generate URI"
    (you can obtain your meeting url by copying the link in your meeting invitation. See example below).

  3. Synergy CONNECT will return a URI in this format:

  4. Type the URI into your video conference device.

  5. Your device will now connect to the meeting.

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  • ⚠️Please use the link within the next two hours for it to work.

  • ❗This gateway test has limitations and do not have the full feature set you get in CONNECT. 

  • 🟢 But enjoy the most flexible multi-vendor-gateway on the market! 

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Book a Session
with a Consultant

We would be happy to talk you through your requirement and guide you on your journey. You can book a Teams meeting that will show all available times with our consultant.

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