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Veeam Reseller

Why Partner with FirstNet to deliver Veeam-powered solutions to your customers?

 When you team up with FirstNet, expanding your business and tapping into a consistent revenue stream becomes effortless. As a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) and a participant in the VCSP Reseller Ready Competency program, you gain the ability to provide top-tier Veeam-powered solutions to both current and prospective clients.


Off-Site Backup

In recent years, data management needs have evolved, becoming increasingly intricate and demanding. Businesses are now tasked with reducing storage expenses while also adhering to stricter compliance and archiving regulations.


This solution caters to all customer preferences, offering backup to tape, object storage, and off-site cloud options. As a channel-ready service provider, FirstNet seamlessly extends Veeam data protection solutions, enabling businesses to choose the storage option that best fits their recovery requirements.


This includes the option to securely store backups in FirstNet's off-site cloud infrastructure.


BaaS for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 stands as a pivotal business tool utilized globally. However, envision the repercussions if organizations were to lose crucial Office 365 documents, emails, Teams data, and beyond.


Microsoft's native backup capabilities prove insufficient in shielding Office 365 data from inadvertent deletions, security breaches, and retention policy loopholes.


This presents a prime opportunity for resellers to collaborate with FirstNet, offering a comprehensive solution to fortify customers' essential Office 365 data.



Ensuring IT resilience involves a crucial component: Disaster Recovery. FirstNet takes pride in providing top-tier disaster recovery capabilities to its partners through its VCSP Reseller Ready DRaaS competency.


With this expertise, channel partners can trust FirstNet to provide comprehensive disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions customized to suit each customer's requirements.


Bid farewell to the complexities of establishing a secondary DR site and welcome enhanced revenue and business expansion opportunities!

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