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Email & Domain Security

FirstNet provides two solutions for email and domain security. As a Managed Service Provider for both products we are experts at implementing and managing these service.

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Organizations choose a Mimecast Managed Service Provider (MSP) like FirstNet for their Mimecast implementation and ongoing management for several reasons. FirstNet's MSP expertise provides specialized knowledge and tailored solutions to meet organizational needs. They offer comprehensive managed services, including implementation, configuration, monitoring, and ongoing support, reducing the burden on internal IT resources. Direct access to Mimecast's technical support ensures efficient issue resolution and collaboration. With a broader range of cybersecurity offerings, including threat monitoring and incident response, MSPs provide a holistic approach to security. Additionally, FirstNet offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate organizational growth and changing requirements. Overall, partnering with a Mimecast MSP like FirstNet ensures access to expertise, comprehensive services, direct support, a broad cybersecurity portfolio, and scalability.

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Organizations choose to partner with FirstNet for DMARC implementation, specifically leveraging their capabilities to deliver Sendmarc premium and on-demand services, for several compelling reasons. FirstNet offers expertise and specialized knowledge in DMARC deployment, ensuring effective email authentication and protection against domain spoofing and phishing attacks. With Sendmarc premium, organizations gain access to advanced features and enhanced visibility into email delivery, allowing them to proactively monitor and secure their email infrastructure. The on-demand service provided by FirstNet ensures flexibility and scalability, enabling organizations to adapt their DMARC implementation based on their evolving needs. Partnering with FirstNet empowers organizations to establish robust email security measures, safeguard their brand reputation, and enhance overall cybersecurity posture.

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