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FirstNet is proudly partnered with all the major connectivity service providers, such as Neotel, DFA Open Access Network, Vodacom and Internet Solutions.


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FirstFibre is a last mile fibre access solution that enables customers within our coverage zones to enjoy truly high-speed connectivity, either back to the FirstNet data centres or between branch sites. Our fibre solutions have allowed corporations to change the way they approach and design their IT landscape, enabling a range of new possibilities and technologies.

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Home users can now enjoy the benefits of Fibre. Introducing Fibre to the Home – provided by FirstNet or Liquid Telecom.

Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

How does this help my business?


  • Fibre optic service launched by FirstNet

  • High Speed, Low latency connectivity

  • Available in all major metro areas

  • Connect to the Firstnet Data Centres or site-to-site

  • Connect your branches at LAN speed

  • Monitored and managed by FirstNet

  • Up to 99.99% SLA achievable


  • Bigger bandwidth between your sites

  • Branch office consolidation

  • Better connections into cloud services

  • Disaster Recovery Plans easy to build and execute


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  • Deliver premium-grade network experiences using low-cost Internet bandwidth

  • Simplify branch operations with a single multiservice networking platform

  • Avoid backhauling branch traffic to the data centre to access cloud services

  • Protect all branch-office endpoints from threats with proven security


How does this help my business?


  • Our network is built upon diverse, redundant fiber paths between all of our PoP locations. MPLS Traffic Engineering provides the most direct, lowest latency path possible for an optimal end-user experience, automatically rerouting traffic as required

  • We provides diverse bandwidth options, including flat-rate billing as well as burstable ports to meet data spikes

  • Peering agreements with leading cloud providers such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform allow us to provide direct, private and secure connectivity, ensuring the highest possible performance for your mission-critical applications and services


  • Quick Provisioning of Virtual Machines

  • Cost Effective & Upgradeable Solution

  • Wide Range of Peripheral Services

  • Green IT Initiative (with up to 95% power savings)

  • Direct Connectivity to SA’s Largest Online Business Community

  • Support and Monitoring


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Microsoft provides a wide array of powerful services within O365 – but a comprehensive backup of your Email, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive data is not included. FirstNet uses Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 to eliminate the risk of losing access and control of your Office 365 data by storing a copy of your data in a second cloud at FirstNet.

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Whether you are a local or international business, our global reach allows for incredible flexibility as new office sites/locations can be added to you network quickly and easily.

FirstNet offers Multi-protocal Label Switching (MPLS) through our valued partners.

Our managed network services provides you with complete end-to-end control and flexibility over your networks performance, by utilising Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) for a highly scalable data-carrying mechanism. Our trusted and resilient IP-enabled VPN’s offers consistent access to corporate information, while allowing your workforce to communicate securely and efficiently between your branches, staff, suppliers and customers.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

How does this help my business?


  • Telco and medium agnostic

  • Prioritise your business critical traffic

  • Supports voice, video and integrated data applications


  • Network is easily scalable

  • Incorporate legacy and next generation applications into the network

  • Enable your business room to develop and demand more from your IT services


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Direct Internet Access


At FirstNet we can deliver Internet services suited to your business needs and goals. Direct Internet Access offers a cost-effective way to connect all users on your Local Area Network (LAN) or WAN (Wide Area Network) to the Internet 24-hours a day.

It delivers high-speed, reliable and stable Internet access over a dedicated connection with unlimited Internet usage at a fixed monthly charge.

Direct Internet Access

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How does this help my business?


  • Reliable Internet Connection

  • Dedicated Internet Connectivity (1:1)

  • International and Local access can tailored for your business needs


  • Single Service provider for your internet needs

  • Constant international / local connectivity

  • Centralised control of your internet traffic

  • Access from a FirstNet Datacentre or customer site


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Enterprise Voice Solutions

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Enterprise Voice Solutions

FirstNet can offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of voice services, to suit each business, ranging from hosted PABX services to on-premise voice solutions, VoIP solutions and number porting. Rest assured that FirstNet will recommend the solution that best fits your business.

How does this help my business?


  • Choose from Hosted or on-premise solutions

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Telco agnostic voice services

  • Carrier Quality

  • Geographical Number porting

  • Support & Monitoring

  • TMS services available

  • SIP, BRI, PRI, or VOIP


  • Network is easily scalable

  • End-to-end voice quality

  • Best value in the market

  • 10-digit geographic numbering in line with ICASA’s national numbering plan

  • Call rates for local, regional and national fixed lines, on- or off-net, and mobile


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Broadband Services


FirstNet Broadband Fibre

FirstNet offers customer a choice of various broadband mediums and packages to suit every business and consumer need. We have partnered with the best Tier1 internet service providers in South Africa to give our customers business grade broadband services.


FirstNet offers end-to-end customer support for all service issues, so you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors and service providers. All broadband services are “best effort” with variable levels of reliability and stability.

Our FirstNet Broadband product range is made up of various products and services, that will suit businesses of all sizes.


How does this help my business?


  • Broadband Fibre

  • Broadband Wireless

  • ADSL accounts

  • Broadband Satelite services

  • Fibre to the Home (FTTH)


  • National coverage through terrestrial and non terrestrial services

  • We will find the best service for your business

  • Central point of contact – no need to deal with multiple providers

  • Huge product set to suit all businesses

  • Connected to major Tier 1 Internet service providers