Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect

When we talk about data protection best practices, we recommend that customers follow the “3-2-1 rule“: 3 copies of any data, on 2 different media, with at least 1 copy in a remote location.
This is an effective strategy to greatly enhance the availability of precious data, but requires at least two sites.


With the FirstNet Cloud Connect service, powered by Veeam, there is no need to own the second site.

As a customer you don’t need to incur capital expenses to build and maintain any additional infrastructure, but instead can quickly and easily consume a service with a “pay as you go” model from FirstNet.

How does this help my business?


  • Powered by Veeam

  • Continuity Environment

  • Modern backup architecture

  • Built-in WAN acceleration

  • Forever incremental backups, and GFS retention policies

  • End-to-end encryption encrypting data in transit

  • 9×5 4Hr Response general support, 24×7 Emergency suppor


  • Quick Provisioning of Virtual Machines

  • Complete visibility and control through Veeam backup console

  • Track cloud repository consumption

  • Easy access to recover data

  • Option to restore on-premise, or

  • Invoking servers in the FirstNet data centre