Enterprise Cloud

FirstNet’s Enterprise Cloud service has been specially constructed to provide a high performance, secure and scalable environment for the hosting of Virtual Machines within our purpose built data centre facilities.  Customers wanting to take advantage of the benefits of hosted services and virtualisation are now able to do so. Supported by a dedicated team of engineers maintaining an enterprise-server hardware platform coupled with the latest virtualisation technologies, the FirstNet Enterprise Cloud platform has been designed to provide a secure, high performance and fault tolerant environment for a wide range of possible applications.

Cloud Hosting and Cloud
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Enterprise Cloud refers to a hosting service in which client servers reside upon a hardware infrastructure as Virtual Machines. Options include a range of hardware configurations from entry level to high-performance Virtual Machines, preference of operating system, comprehensive virtual machine monitoring, backups and support are available. Colocation refers to shared or dedicated rack space where customers can lodge their own server hardware in the FirstNet data centre, benefitting from the secure and stable environment. Virtualization allows for easily scalable server infrastructure, creating more affordable efficiency in your application environments. Business Continuity improves because of the flexibility and quick restore processes.

How does this help my business?


  • Automated High Availability and Performance Optimisation using V-Motion & DRS

  • Simplified Provisioning and Migrations

  • RAID protected SAN Storage

  • High Scalability with upgrades

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Support

  • Hardware Monitoring

  • Managed System Backup & Recovery


  • Quick Provisioning of Virtual Machines

  • Cost Effective & Upgradeable Solution

  • Wide Range of Peripheral Services

  • Green IT Initiative (with up to 95% power savings)

  • Direct Connectivity to SA’s Largest Online Business Community

  • Support and Monitoring