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Wholesale and Retail Voice Rates


Wholesale and Retail Voice Rates

FirstNet owns and operates its own network so our customers can enjoy fast, reliable VoIP services, scalability, and cost-saving through tailored packages. Partnering with FirstNet lets you avoid high rates of other providers as each package is designed with your budget in mind. We offer guidelines and 24/7 support for all customers wishing to leverage our: Standard Rate Service for volume-based billing, Blended Rate Service for fixed flat call rates, or Uncapped Voice Services for consistent month-to-month usage bills. *All rates are available by emailing voicerates@firstnet.co.za


  • Your own Billing Engine

  • CDR’s

  • Flexible calling Rates

  • Best available Pricing


•    Fastest and Most Reliable, Tailored VoIP
•    Standard Rate Services
•    Blended Rate Services
•    Uncapped Voice Services